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Legend Biography

Wade Middleton


President & Co-owner of Careco TV & Careco Multimedia-Entertainment.

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About Wade Middleton

Wade Middleton is the President and Co-owner of Careco TV-and Careco Multimedia-Entertainment. These companies specialize in creating content focused on fishing and hunting as well as syndicating that content nationally and regionally. With a background that includes a variety of outdoors experiences ranging from conservation and wildlife management, creating fishing tournaments, fishing & hunting guiding and three decades of experience as an on-air talent and producer of various television programs. .

Some of the media programs Wade is directly involved daily with as an on-screen personality and producer currently include acting as the Host of Bass Pro Shops Fisherman’s Handbook, Host of Yamaha’s Whitetail Diaries as well as being the Co-Host of Americana Outdoors, Cabela’s Deer GearTV and Fishing and Hunting Texas. He is also the Director of operations for the Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series and is involved in the management of the The National Walleye Tour and the Texas Team Trail series.

Originally from Oklahoma the now-Texan previously served with distinction in the U.S. Air Force and has been involved with several non-profit organizations. He’s won numerous awards in a variety of fields and supports various hunting and fishing groups and events nationwide in their efforts to help grow outdoor participation.

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