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Legend Biography

Stan Sloan


Winner of the 1st B.A.S.S. Tournament

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Stan Sloan won the first bass tournament ever held by Ray Scott in June
1967 and his aggravator lure was the bait of choice for Bobby Murray when
Bobby won the Bass Masters Classic in 1971.
Stan Sloan along with bass fishing legends Roland Martin and Tom Mann
qualified and fished the first five Bass Masters Classics ever held.
Stan Sloan is the owner of the Zorro Bait Company and his baits and black
lights are known and used by professional bass fishermen as well as
everyday fishermen both nationally and internationally.
Stan Sloan won the first Eagles of Angling Senior Bass Tournament held by
Ray Scott In May, 2001.
Stan Sloan’s innovative lure designs and ideas have become legendary in the
bass fishing industry. Ray Scott “The Bass Boss” 2006

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