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Legend Biography

Ronnie Capps


7-Time National Crappie Champion

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Ronnie Capps is an outdoorsman from northwest Tennessee and resides near the shore of the
famous "Earthquake Lake", Reelfoot Lake with his wife Kelly, daughter, Jodi 13, and two
stepsons Alex 14, and Blake 20.

In Ronnie’s childhood years Reelfoot was his home since his family's businesses were
related commercially to the lake.  Commercial hunting, fishing and trapping and businesses such
as restaurants, hotels, and convenience stores owned by his family at Reelfoot where
all experiences for him. Ronnie’s late grandfather Jodie Randall Parker, a retired U.S. Navy
Veteran was mostly responsible for Ronnie’s love of the outdoors since they were involved in
some way with hunting fishing or trapping on a daily basis. Catching Crappie was always one of
their favorite things to do.

Ronnie is a proud graduate of Murray State University where he received degrees in Wildlife
Biology & Fisheries Management.  He also had a successful scholarship sports career playing
college football as a decorated offensive lineman for Murray.

Being inspired by a professional friend from his childhood, Mr. Tarrant Wright a Tennessee
Game Warden, influenced Ronnie to become a Tennessee Wildlife Officer just after college
graduation. Ronnie now has over 20 years experience as an enforcement officer dealing with
wildlife, fish, and boating laws. Other parts of his job have involved educating over 4,000 youth
in outdoor knowledge and safety. 

 In Ronnie’s past time he has used his outdoor experiences, knowledge, and love of fishing to
capture Seven National Crappie Tournament Championships along with more than 100 single
day competition crappie tournament events in various states throughout the U.S. This has paved
the road for him to be a member of the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame in representation
of the newly recognized sport of Professional Crappie Fishing.

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