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Legend Biography

Paul Alpers


Former President & CEO of Crappie Masters

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As a young boy at the age of 5 years old my father Loren Alpers introduced me to the
outdoors by taking me crappie fishing & hunting. This was the start of a long relationship
with my father & me.  Ths hooked me on the outdoors for life. As I grew older I learned it
wasn't all about what you caught or shot it was the time you spent with friends and
family and the enjoyment of the outdoors.
One of my fondest memories was when Dad & i would catch a mess of crappie and find
some mushrooms
And  await for my mother to prepare them for us.
In 1978 I started my own business - Alpers Turkey Service.  I continue this occupation
for 20 years.  During,
that time I had the privilege of taking several people hunting and  fishing and introducing
them to the outdoors.
My dream and goal in life was to have  a business that would involve working with
people in the outdoors.
In 1996 my dream came true.  I was approached to be an owner of Crappie USA.  for 
seven years I worked with many people young and old introducing them to tournament
fishing and new techniques.
In 2003, Joe Miller & I founded a new company called Crappie Masters  A long with
Bass ProShops, we started a new adventure with a tournament trail that had a
guaranteed purse of $10,000. This excited the anglers. there were 132 teams that
showed up from 16 staaes.  History was made in the crappie fishing industry. In 2008 I
started and hosted Crappie Masters TV. which helped increase sales and exposure for
our national sponsors.and introducing many new techniques to crappie anglers
throughout the US.
We are also very proud of our young kids fishing program which has produced  many
scholarships for these youngsters. In 2014 I sold Crappie Masters to Mike Valentine. a
good friend of mine and they are still carrying  on the tradition today.
And as for me, I am still working in the outdoors and always will as long as I can helping
people and young kids witch is our future. I am currently working with Missouri Hunting
& Fishing Adventures & Kids fishing for education. I thank GOD for creating the
outdoors and letting me live the dream i always wish for and the opportunity to help
others young and old.

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