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Orlando Wilson


Creator & Host of Fishin’ with Orlando Wilson

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ATLANTA, Georgia - Orlando Wilson has entertained armchair anglers for more than fifteen years with his focused approach to sharing useful tips and techniques on his popular TV series “Fishin’ with Orlando Wilson.”
In 1993, “Fishin’ with Orlando Wilson” joined the outdoor programming block on TNN: The Nashville Network and has been a popular aspect of the weekend lineup since then. Prior to joining TNN, Wilson’s program was broadcast nationally over TBS where it was the first nationally cablecast program of its kind starting in 1982.
Wilson’s interest in conservation and environmental concerns was reflected in the development of “The Conservation Corner” which ran for many years within his TV program. His devotion to these critical areas of the outdoor lifestyle has made him a respected member of the angling world. His expertise in fish biology and habitat has played a large part in the design of many lakes and ponds around the country.
Wilson’s travels have taken him to a variety of exotic fishing destinations. He’s an accomplished salt water angler and has made trips to Costa Rica where he’s caught snook and tarpon on the Caribbean side and sailfish in the Pacific. Canada and Alaska are among his favorite destinations where he’s visited Canada lakes loaded with trophy smallmouth bass and explored uncharted rivers in Alaska to catch salmon and Arctic grayling. But he’s just as much at home fishing for bass or panfish in his home state of Georgia.
Orlando Wilson’s approach to his TV audience has always been directed toward the education of the angler with a particular focus on novices and young people.
“Understanding how to use fishing tackle can appear to be very complicated and we as communicators are responsible for showing the different aspects of fishing -- from tournament fishing to keeping the sport what it was meant to be -- an entertaining diversion from work.”

Wilson has a knack for finding the entertaining side of people based on a long, illustrious list of celebrity guests who have fished along side him on his show. Among the celebrities who have appeared on his program are country music entertainers Porter Wagoner and Travis Tritt, NASCAR great Dale Earnhardt, Indy 500 winner Rick Mears, baseball superstar Wade Boggs, PGA professionals Payne Stewart and Fuzzy Zoeller and even former president George Bush.
Tuning in to watch “Fishin’ with Orlando Wilson” is an entertaining way to learn how to catch more and bigger fish while improving awareness of the environment and the need for common sense solutions for tomorrow.

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