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Legend Biography

Lisa Snuggs


CEO of OJEFA & Executive Director of SEOPA

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(BADIN, N.C.) - Lisa McDowell Snuggs grew up thinking everybody knew a little something about traditional outdoor pastimes like fishing, hunting, camping, boating, and shooting. Growing up in Greensboro, N.C., in the 1960s and ‘70s, Lisa and her siblings camped, fished, and hung out at the local shooting range and wildlife club on a regular. As the youngest two of five children, she and her brother Mark often accompanied their dad, noted outdoors writer Bodie McDowell, on story-gathering trips well into young adulthood. Those experiences, along with travel to attend outdoor writer conventions almost every summer in her youth, set the tone for her future.

Consistent exposure to the outdoors ultimately blended with Lisa’s musical and writing talents, leading her to sing outdoors-related songs at tournaments, sport shows, and other events. She went on to manage public relations for Fort Smith, Arkansas-based PRADCO for almost ten years before moving to Tennessee in 1996. She worked several jobs there, including a temporary stint with Castle Rock Pictures when the company was in the state producing a major motion picture, but she missed the outdoors industry. In early 2000, the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association, Inc. (SEOPA) began the search for a new executive director. Lisa applied for the position, was hired, and began managing the long-standing organization on April 1 of that year. She remains with SEOPA today, where she thrives on helping communicators and allied industry representatives work together to hone their respective crafts and promote the outdoors.

As executive director of SEOPA, Lisa manages all day-to-day business of the organization and works closely with board members to plan and execute the annual conference and communications contests. She produces the organization’s newsletters and annual directory, and maintains the website. Lisa also serves as CEO of the group’s educational foundation, the Outdoor Journalist Education Foundation of America. When she’s not working, Lisa enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, songwriting and¬¬¬, of course, wetting a line now and then.

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