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Legend Biography

Kent Driscoll


Pro Staff Manager for B'n'M Pole Company

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If you follow the crappie fishing “network,” it is very likely you have heard the name, “Kent Driscoll.”
Driscoll, born in 1967, lives in Nolensville, Tennessee near his home lake of J. Percy Priest. His real job is as Vice President of National Sales at Athens Distributing in Nashville. He is also Pro Staff Manager for BnM Pole Company. He is pro staff for War Eagle Boat, Driftmaster, Gamma Line, Crappie Magnet and Silent Stalker. He is on the board of directors for Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame.
Most crappie anglers dream of catching just one crappie that weighs more than three pounds. Driscoll has caught 30 of them.
Driscoll’s crappie tournament fishing started in 1999 and he has fished every major circuit. He won three Magnolia Crappie Club championships, won tournaments with the Southern Crappie Association including the 2006 Championship that paid a new War Eagle Boat. He and partner John Harrison finishing 19th in the American Crappie Club Classic Championship at Sardis Lake in June.
When did you start fishing?
“I was about eight years old when I started spending my summers with my grandma. We went fishing every Monday through Friday for three months. She had access to around 50 private ponds. Before each trip, I got to choose if we fished for bass, catfish, crappie or bream. I usually chose crappie. It was my job to have everything ready for the next morning. I cleaned fish each day and buried the remains in the garden for fertilizer.”

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