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Judy Wong


Professional Angler

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Judy Wong did not start out in the Winner's circle. She was born in San Francisco, California, but moved to Houston, Texas, when she was 2 years old. Her dad took her fishing at an early age, catching bluegills, catfish, and anything that swam. She fell in love with fishing and being in the outdoors. Bass fishing didn't start until adulthood when she married her husband, Glenn. They went bass fishing nearly every weekend and just couldn't get enough of it.
When she learned of the Bass 'n Gal Tour, she immediately joined up and started competing. After competing for 3 years, she took time off to care for her son. During the next 10 years she explored saltwater fishing and went after redfish and speckled trout in the Gulf Coast Area. Once their son was grown and graduated from high school, she returned to the tournament scene, competing on the Bass `n Gal Tour, the Women's Bass Fishing Association circuit, the Women's Bassmaster tour, the Bass Opens, and the FLW and Stren Series events. She also started her own Guide Service on Fayette County Lake just outside of Houston.
She won back to back Women's Bassmaster Tour Championships and received an invitation to visit the Whitehouse by George Bush for recognition of her accomplishments. Though that is not her best memory; that is when she traveled to Germany with Roland Martin and Gary Yamamoto to greet and thank the servicemen and women for their service in ensuring a Chinese-American woman like herself could accomplish all that she had because of their commitment to protecting the country's freedoms.

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