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Legend Biography

John Satterwhite


Multiple Gold Medal World Championship Winner in Skeet Shooting

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John Satterwhite is a former Olympic team captain in shooting sports.
He has held several world skeet records along his way to three International Skeet Championships, 12 medals in world completion (six of which were gold), and two gold medals at the Pan American Games. He was captain of the 1976.U.S. Olympic and 1979 World Championship Teams.
At one time, Satterwhite taught survival marksmanship in the military and now he works to carry the message that children are the future of shooting sports.
He is now an exhibition shooter who not only conducts shooting during his exhibition, he talks about the history of exhibition shooting including how some of the great shooters of the 1800s influenced his own shooting expertise. His presentations are filled with amazing shooting. He is the only active exhibition shooter who throws seven clay targets into the air and hits all of them before
they hit the ground.

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