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Legend Biography

John McAteer


Promotional Pro Staff Manager for BearMagnet TV

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Legendary Hunter John McAteer, also known as the humble gentle GIANT, hails from upstate NY, USA. Never looking for praise or glory and mainly standing clear of the public eye, John is what the industry refers to as the “Legend Behind the Scenes”.

Johns many achievements and contributions to the hunting industry go far beyond many beliefs. Over the past 30 years John has held positions of President of the Safari Club International Long Island Chapter and a Pope & Young Club Member and Official P&Y Scorer for many years within.

John “the educator” McAteer has spent countless hours and years educating and teaching our young archery interns in the state of NY to become proficient in the use of their archery equipment, animal identification and wilderness survival. Over and above the time, knowledge, and experience John has given and provided to his local community and hunting industry, he is a true hunting Legend.
His hunting adventures have taken him to Africa, Asia, Mexico, and North America including ALL Canadian Provinces. John has harvested 18 of 29 North American species and has managed to complete the North American Sheep Foundation Grand Slam and awarded the North American Sheep Foundation Hunter of the Year in 2002.
John is no stranger to the National Rifle Association, he is also a two-time winner of the National Rifle Association Leather Stocking Award and is also a self published outdoor author.
John McAteer… a true sportsman, conservationist, and educator who has supported this great industry and preserved our heritage for the past 30 plus years and for many generations to come.

Here is a quick summary of John McAteer’s contributions to the outdoor industry…
1) President of Safari Club International New York long Island chapter (3 years 1994-1997)
2) New York State Archery Instructor (10 years from 1982-1992)
3) National Rifle Association, Leather Stocking Award Winner for archery (1988)
4) Official Scorer Pope and Young Club (15 years 1978-1993)
5) National Wild Sheep Federation Hunter of Year Award (2002)
6) Harvested 18 animal species in the North American
7) Harvested 29 different species over a 30-year period
8) John McAteer is a Vietnam Era veteran served 1967-1976
9) John McAteer accomplished the Grand Slam in North American Wild Sheep over a 10-year period
10) Promoted and contributed countless hours for the NWTF New York Chapter
11) John McAteer has hunted in Asia, Africa, Mexico, United States and all of the Canadian provinces including the Arctic Circle
12) Owner of Big Ranch Adventures Safaris for 20 years 1970-1990
13) Official Scorer for Exotic Animals for 12 years 1985-1997?
14) Was vice president of Law enforcement and Military Motorcycle club from 2004-present
15) Accomplished outdoor self-published author
16) Worked for BearMagnet TV as Pro-Staff Promotional & Scheduling Manager from 2016 to present

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