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Legend Biography

Jimmy Sites


Host of Spiritual Outdoor Adventures

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Dr. Jimmy Sites is a professional speaker, best-selling author, and award-winning
television producer and host. In the last 28 months, Jimmy spoke live to over 130,000
people in venues ranging from small to large, sharing the dual message of conservation of
the outdoor lifestyle and how to walk daily as a follower of God. Jimmy holds a
doctorate in biblical communications, and he has taught on the university and graduate
school level and served as a preaching minister for several churches. His current
television series, Spiritual Outdoor Adventures with Jimmy Sites, has garnered numerous
awards and is entering its 17th season on Dish Network and DirecTV and other networks.
It also airs in 54 additional countries including Russia, Ukraine, and Ecuador. Jimmy is
sponsored by over two dozen companies, including Bass Pro Shops and Cabelas,
Trijicon, and IMMI. In 2010 Jimmy and his team won the Big Buck Outdoor Games,
competing against 20 of the top outdoor television producers from across the United
States. In 2012 Jimmy became a cartoon character in “Kids Korner Outdoors with
Jimmy Sites,” and 27 cartoons have been produced teaching children ages 4-12 the
various safety measures and ethics related to outdoor sports. In 2014 Jimmy was named
American Outdoor Sportsman of the Year by the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame.
Over the past 7 years Jimmy has graduated 86 students from his annual Producers Camp,
training people of various ages how to produce outdoor television and video projects.
His speaking engagements and adventures take him all over the world, including filming
a documentary with a Stone Age Indian tribe in the Amazon Jungle. Jimmy is a strong
advocate of conservation, and he has been interviewed on many radio and television talk
shows including Fox News with Gretchen Carlson where he debated the Executive VP of
PETA, and on multiple occasions by MSNBC. Jimmy also serves as a spokesperson for
several non-profit organizations, including 30 years for Compassion International – a
child development organization that cares for over 1.5 million children in 26 Third World
countries. Jimmy is a musician and songwriter, and he plays and produces all of the
music for his television series. His most recent song to be recorded by an artist was
written about his father Carroll Sites and is called “Wedding Day” – in reference to his
father’s passing from earth to heaven. This song is scheduled to be released to radio this
Fall and was recorded by Bobby and Teddie Cyrus. Jimmy is married to Amanda
Mullens (married May 1984) and they have two biological children, Christin (born
August 1989) and Jonathan (born January 1992). Jimmy and Amanda also offered their
home to 18-year-old Mary Kirby, and she lived with the Sites family until she married at
the age of 23. Jimmy and Amanda live in a log lodge on the edge of a wooded hollow
just north of Hendersonville, Tennessee.

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