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Legend Biography

Jerry Martin


Creater of the National RedHead Pro-Hunting Team

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Since 1993, Jerry has directed his time, wisdom, and energy towards building the hunting side of Bass Pro Shops under the RedHead brand name. Deciding this could be accomplished more efficiently with help, he hand-picked a varied group of high-profile hunters to help with product development and public relations. With Jerry as team captain, the National RedHead Pro-Hunting Team has become the most recognized group of highly skilled professional hunters ever to be assembled in the industry. With an eye toward the future, in 2005, Jerry once again started a nationwide search, this time for teenagers with a genuine love for hunting and fishing - thus the successful Next Generation Team was born. For the past 10 years Jerry has worked both on screen and in the production department of the super successful award-winning Bass Pro TV Hunting Programs.
While Jerry is a passionate hunter with unparalleled success from Alaska to Africa, he never passes on an opportunity to put his mentoring hat on to help a kid or new hunter achieve their own success. Aware of the fact that conservation is the responsibility of all who love wildlife and the outdoors, Jerry went to work supporting such groups as the NWTF and Quail Forever. He presently serves on the Board of Directors for the fast-growing Quality Deer Management Association.

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