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Legend Biography

Jack Miner


"The Father of Conservation" Regarding Waterfowl Migration

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Jack Miner was born in Dover Centre, OH in 1865 and later moved to Ontario, Canada.
In 1878 he received worldwide recognition for his pioneering studies of waterfowl migration. His work with migrating birds led to the establishment of a bird sanctuary at Kingsville, Ontario, the publication of several books, and the formation of the Jack Miner Migratory Bird Foundation.
Deemed "The Father of Conservation", at his passing he had banded over 50,000 wild ducks and 40,000 migratory Canada geese.
Canada decreed National Wildlife Week be obsersied the week of April 10th to coincide with his birthday each year.
Jack Miner's Testimony
The Lord is my Guide and Teacher, I will not get lost;
He makes my heart a receiving station for His wireless;
He sits down beside me in the pathless woods and opens up His book of knowledge;
He makes the trees I plant to grow, and flowers to arch my path with their fragrant beauty; gives me dominion over the fowls of the air and they honk and sing their way to and from my home.
Yea, He has brought me up from a barefooted underprivileged boy to a man respected by millions of people, and I give Him all the credit and praise whenever, wherever, and forever.

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