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Legend Biography

Herb Parsons


World Champion Game Caller, Expert Marksman & Wingshot Supreme

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Herb Parsons was an expert marksman with shotgun and rifle, a champion game caller,
consultant to the movie industry, showman, and wingshot supreme.
In the 1940s, Parsons gave 238 exhibitions to soldiers at military installations. HYPERLINK
&tcount=1"He served as a gunnery instructor during the war. And when hostilities ceased, he hit
the circuit for Winchester, putting on thousands of demonstrations. Herb Parsons shot trap with
Clark Gable and Roy Rogers, hunted ducks with Wallace Berry and Andy Devine, and did the
trick shooting for “Winchester ’73,” starring Jimmy Stewart. At the height of his career,
Winchester was booking him three years in advance. In 1954, a movie about his feats,
“Showman Shooter,” was produced. An estimated 30 million have viewed it over the years.

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