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Legend Biography

Hank Parker


1st Winner of the B.A.S.S. Grand Slam of Fishing

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“…Pro bass fishing comes complete with its own heroes. Hank Parker is the rod and reel answer to
Michael Jordan, in popularity and talents.” CBS host Greg Gumble used this quote in introducing Hank
Parker to a national television audience viewing the CBS Morning Show. Mr. Gumble’s introduction
couldn’t have better described Hank’s impact on the bass fishing industry!
Hank Parker is a two-time BASS Masters Classic Champion and host of one of America’s highest rated and
most popular outdoor programs, Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine.
Hank’s career began in 1978 when he competed on both the Bass Anglers Sportsman’s Society ( B. A. S.
S.) Tournament Trail and the National Bass Association circuit (NBA). In his firs year of competition,
Hank won the NBA Angler of the Year and kicked off a very successful career on the B. A. S. S.
Tournament trail.
During the course of the next 13 years Hank entered more than 120 B. A. S. S. events and finished “in the
money” in over 76% of them! Hank won the prestigious BASS Masters Classic on two occasions, 1979
and 1989. He also won the 1983 B. A. S. S. Virginia Invitational and 1988 B. A. S. S. Missouri
Invitational tournaments, as well as the 1985 B. A. S. S. Super Bass Tournament, the predecessor of the
Mega Bucks events.
In addition to these accomplishments, Hank was the first professional angler to ever win the prestigious B.
A. S. S. Grand Slam which includes the BASS Masters Classic,
B. A. S. S. Angler of the Year, and Super Bass.
Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine Television Series premiered in 1985 in syndicated markets throughout
the country. A year later Outdoor Magazine entered into what was a long relationship with The Nashville
Network as Outdoor Magazine aired through its 18 th season on TNN. In 2004, Hank Parker's Outdoor
Magazine moved to Outdoor Life Network to be part of their sports block. Beginning January 2005
through December 2007 Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine will join the Outdoor Channel to reach an
audience which includes all areas of sports enthusiasts.
Hank’s goal then and now is to produce an outdoor program not only showcasing his knowledge of the
outdoors in general and fishing in particular. He and his sons, Hank Jr. and Billy now host a hunting show
entitled, Hank Parker 3D. Both shows highlight family and promote enjoyable outdoor experiences. It is
safe to assume these objectives have been well met as viewership numbers and consumer response to
Outdoor Magazine and Hank Parker 3D continue to be most impressive!

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