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Legend Biography

Gary Yamamoto


Founder Yamamoto Lures & Professional Angler

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Gary Yamamoto is known as one of the top professional bass anglers in the world, but even more than that, his legacy lies in the legendary bass fishing lures that Gary has designed and for traveling the world over to teach bass anglers how best to succeed with his products. Beginning in the early 1980's Gary traveled to Japan to teach anglers there how to fish for bass using Yamamoto's lures. He was instrumental in starting organized bass fishing, tournaments and bass boating in Japan. To this day, Japanese anglers still favor the finesse fishing style that Gary taught them back then. In the 1990's, Gary was one of the first US pro anglers to fish in Europe where he also helped pioneer and promote some of the first bass tournaments and bass boating in Italy, Spain and other countries. In the USA, prior to the year 2000, Yamamoto baits were practically unknown outside the Western USA. So Gary decided to tour across the USA, fishing the top national BASS and FLW tournament tra!
ils where he has placed well for approximately the past ten years. Via these efforts, he has introduced the entire USA to his product line - some of the best bass baits ever. Today, you can ask any bass angler in the USA who is Gary Yamamoto? Chances are each one will speak of him highly and tell you how Gary's baits are some of the greatest for bass fishing. Gary Yamamoto, his company and products have become a household name among US and worldwide bass anglers. He also publishes his own magazine, the Inside Line (now online) and an email newsletter to teach anglers how best to succeed with his products.

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