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Legend Biography

Eddie Salter


World Champion Turkey Caller

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Eddie Salter, of Evergreen, Alabama, began hunting at the age of eight. Using the
techniques learned from his father and grandfather, he managed to take his first turkey at
the age of 10. That early success has led to a 45-year love affair with the sport of turkey
He began competitive turkey calling in 1981 and has won two World Open Turkey
Calling Championships, six Alabama State Championships, and seven Southeastern Open
Calling Championships.
Eddie is an accomplished deer hunter with a number of trophy bucks to his credit.
In 1985, he created Eddie Salter Calls, Inc., producing a complete line of turkey and deer
calls, scents, and hunting videos. He sold the company in 1994, joining the Hunter’s
Specialties Pro Staff shortly after.
Eddie has appeared on Hunter’s Specialties Outdoors TV on The Outdoor Channel, along
with PrimeTime Bucks and Cutt’n & Strutt’n DVD series, ESPN, and ABC’s 20/20 show
among others.
Eddie travels the country giving deer and turkey seminars at stores, conferences, and
churches, sharing his knowledge and southern humor.

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