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Legend Biography

Don Butler


Designer of Small Okiebug Spinnerbait (S.O.B.) & Wholesale Tackle Business Owner

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Don began to sell fishing tackle from the corner of his lumberyard display room in
the late 1950’s and soon had a booming fishing tackle business.
Don’s love for Bass fishing helped him to invent one of Bass fishing’s first lures
called the “Okie Bug” which he used in 1972 to help him win the second Bass
Masters tournament ever held.
Don was the first Member of Ray Scott’s “Bass Anglers Sportsman Society with his
membership card reading the number 0000001. He is also the first life member of
B>A>S>S> and has served on the advisory board of B.A.S.S.
Don has been a pioneer in the Bass fishing industry while spending much of the time
behind the scenes and on the water doing what he loves best: Bass Fishing.

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