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Legend Biography

Dick Idol


Renowned Whitetail Deer Hunter & Nationally-Recognized Outdoorsman

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Dick Idol was born in North Carolina where he attended North Carolina State University on a football
scholarship and was a member of the famous "White Shoe Defense" which was the number one team in
the nation and winner of the Liberty Bowl. With a degree in Wildlife Biology, Dick subsequently spent
several years actively pursuing his outdoor passions of hunting, taxidermy, and guiding in Alaska, Africa,
the West and most other big game frontiers of the '70's and '80's.
Over the last several decades, Dick's uncharted career path has taken him down a road unparalleled in
the outdoor world. Thirty years ago he was the co-founder of North American Whitetail Magazine ,
which is still the industry leader. He has regularly appeared in Cabela's mail order catalog as an
endorser and model and has been a guest speaker at most outdoor shows in America. There are
numerous lines of outdoor products on the market bearing his name including books, video, apparel and
functional outdoor products to name a few. He has become an icon in the world of whitetail deer and
there are few that follow the sport that do not relate to the name.
Dick spent many years amassing one of the most spectacular collections of famous Whitetail Deer
Antlers in the world, including the famous Hole in the Horn buck, both archery typical and non-typical
world records, many state records and generally the largest and most well known Whitetails killed in
North America. Dick toured the United States with his collection often accompanying the National Rifle
Association at many venues. The collection now resides at the Bass Pro's American National Fish and
Wildlife Museum in Springfield, MO. Dick has also sculpted a 3x life-size Whitetail deer bronze
monument for the Cabela's Owatonna, MN headquarters and a 4x life-size bronze Whitetail deer bronze
monument for Bass Pro Shop's headquarters in Springfield Missouri, as well as many other of the largest
bronze monuments ever done in North America
Nearly twenty years ago, Dick parlayed his notoriety in the outdoor world into the Dick Idol Lifestyle
Brand. During this period he used his artistic and design skills, as well as his name recognition to
become an icon in the Home Furnishing Industry. Today the Dick Idol Lifestyle Brand is the number one
and most widely recognized outdoor lifestyle brand, in North America. His combination of artwork in
many forms and unique design capabilities have been infused into thousands of products sold
worldwide with revenue exceeding $200 million in wholesale sales through brand licensees.
Dick's strongest passion and perhaps his strongest talent, however, is rooted in the world of art as a
sculptor and painter. With more than seventy five sculpture editions completed, published lithograph
prints and completion of many of the largest mammal bronze monument sculptures in the world.
More than ever, Dick Idol is translating his passion for the outdoors and art into timeless creations in
many art forms. Art has become the common thread for a variety of designs for home furnishings,
accessories, apparel, outdoor sporting and a wide array of other products known nationwide. His
original oil paintings can be found at the Dick Idol Signature Gallery in Whitefish, Montana and lifestyle products such as furniture at

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