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Legend Biography

Charles Searcy


Lifetime Outdoor Writer

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Charles Searcy says he has been blessed down through 47 years in the newspaper business which allowed him eventually to covering outdoor activities.

Searcy has covered the first seven Bassmaster Classics while being the Outdoor Editor for the Chattanooga Times. During his fifteen years of writing for the Times Charles helped to create a tournament for mentally and handicapped children which lasted over eight years.

Searcy also wrote for Sports Afield, Trout Unlimited, Bassmasters and Outdoor Life magazines during his writing career.

Searcy then moved to Nashville to host the Hydro Sports tournament trail which was sponsored by Hydro Sports boats.

Soon after his tenure at Hydro Sports, Searcy joined the Nashville Tennessean newspaper as the Outdoor Writer writing two columns per week for over eighteen years.

After retiring to his farm in Gallatin, TN, Searcy has enjoyed 19 years of peace and quiet while watching the deer and turkeys roam his property.

Charles and his wife, Joyce, have been married 58 years and have 2 boys, 7 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

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