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Legend Biography

Brenda Valentine


The First Lady of Hunting

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Brenda Valentine is an award winning author, Photographer, and Video personality,
but above all she is an accomplished hunter with a genuine love of nature and a
shinning ambassador for the hunting industry. She is relentless in her mission of

introducing and promoting in an ethical manner to women, children and non-

Brenda literally grew up in the woods and was hunting before she learned to walk.
Born and in the rural Northwest Tennessee hills where hunting was a respected way
of life. Brenda become very knowledgeable in all area of woodsman ship and animal
behavior. She is proficient with all types of firearms but prefers bow hunting and
mussel loading. She has accumulated several State, Regional, and National titles in
She has served on the Board of Directors for the National Bow hunters Education
Foundation as well as the Juvenile Mentoring program called a “Sporting Chance”.
She is the national spokesperson for the National Wild Turkey Federation Women in
the Outdoors program.
Brenda is the first women to receive the Knight Rifle Master Hunter award. Brenda
founded her own ladies hunting schools which are held each fall at her Tennessee
Farm. Brenda is also he host of Whitetail Adventures TV show. Brenda has been
chosen by Bass Pro Shops, Real Tree Camo, Archers Ammo Inc and several more
companies to be on their pro staff.
Perhaps the is why her trade mark title of “the First Lady of Hunting” is so

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