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Legend Biography

Bob Foulkrod


Renowned Outdoorsman, Writer & TV Personality

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Regarded by many as America’s greatest living hunter, Bob Foulkrod has mastered all aspects of hunting from bows to firearms. He regards his mastery of sheep hunting as the pinnacle of his hunting career. During his half-century long stint as a hunter, he has spent over 10,000 days hunting and observing animals. It was not until 2000 that he took a serious interest in hunting wild sheep. Shortly thereafter he formulated his five year long Obsession Quest to take over 80 big game animals worldwide within sixty months in seven continents.

Since that time he has taken two North American Wild Sheep Grand Slams plus a Marco Polo ram in Russia and numerous sheep and goats from New Zealand to Texas. Each of these hunts was accomplished before the unblinking eye of a video camera and then broadcast on television shows such as Winchester Legends or Bass Pro Shops World of Hunting. Perhaps even more astonishing is that while becoming a dedicated sheep hunter; Bob still-hunts other big game around the world. He is in the field over 250 days a year.
Bob and his wife, Shelia reside in their lodge atop Armenia Mountain in north-central Pennsylvania.

Bob Foulkrod started out writing articles for leading outdoor magazines and soon went to making videos. He was one of the first to be on videos with Bob McGuire, Dan Fitzgerald, Ralph Cianciarulo, Realtree Outdoors, Mossy Oak, Bass Pro Shops, and Ken Tucker Sportsmen’s Showcase. Bob has guided folks like Steve Barkowski, Walter Paton along with Ted Nugent.

From videos, Bob went to TV Shows. Again some of the best shows in the industry such as Bass Pro Real Hunting. TNN Outdoors, ESPN Outdoors, OLN, Gore-Tex Outdoors, Realtree Outdoors, Mossy Oak, RackMasters, Winchester Legends and now Bob Foulkrod’s Hunting Adventures.

In 1993 He was inducted into the International Bowhunter Hall of Fame. The year 2000, brought hem the Ishi Achievement Award of Outstanding Achievement in Bowhunting. In 2004, Bob was inducted into the National Bowhunter Hall of Fame and named RedHead Excellence in The Outdoor Achievement Award.

Bob had the first license to promote hunting in South Africa, the first hunting License in Labrador to promote hunting, the first to have an Archery tag for Polar Bear Hunt in Coral Harbor in the N.W.T. Bob had the first archery only camp for caribou in Quebec and was the marketing manager for Delay River Caribou Camps.

Bob ran a black bear camp in Ontario, Canada for 13 years and an archery deep camp in PA for 25 years. Bob was the founder and operator of Bob Foulkrod’s Bowhunting School for adults for 12 years.

Bob holds the PAA Archery title in PA and has been written about and in all the hunting magazines. Just to name a few, Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Bowhunter, Archery World, Bow and Arrow.

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