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Legend Biography

Billy Westmoreland


Legendary Pioneer of Bass Fishing

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Billy started his career as a guide on Dale Hollow Lake. Legends has it that his first
guide trip was as a boy of a young 13 years old. Later he guided during the summer
months the help pay his tuition at Middle Tennessee State University.
He worked as a football coach for the Byrdstown Team for 4 years and later as a
insurance salesman, Marina owner and as a Professional Fisherman.
Billy Westmoreland was a legend in Bass Fishing as well as one of the pioneers on
the Bassmasters Tournament trail. He was a favorite source on information for
articles in Bassmaster Magazine on the subject of small mouth Bass, His specialty.
Few knew more about what he called “them ole Brown Fish” than Billy yet he
excelled at catching Largemouth Bass too. In his brief career as a touring Pro, he
won three B.A.S.S tournaments including two on the St Johns River in Florida.
In the 1980’s Billy Westmoreland was one of the first anglers to have his own weekly
television show.

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