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Garry Mason

Founder of Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame

and Legends of the Outdoors TV

Garry Mason grew up in Buchanan TN, a small, rural community in West Tennessee where hunting and fishing was as much a way of life as it was an outdoor recreation. Loving nature and all that it encompasses, Garry spent as much time as possible in the woodlands and waterways that comprise the lower Tennessee and Cumberland valleys including the waters of Kentucky Lake.

After High school, Garry married his high school sweetheart, Cindy, and settled down to working in a factory, all the while building a name for himself in the outdoor world as a part time professional hunting and fishing Guide.

1991 brought about allot of changes to the Paris TN area with several plant closings, one of which was the factory that Garry had worked at for 16 plus years. Without a career to fall back on, Garry decided to pursue the career of becoming a full time professional guide. Traveling and guiding in several other states besides Tennessee, Garry soon became one of the most respected Professional Guides in America. Waterfowl hunting and wing shooting as well as Crappie, Bass, and Bluegill fishing where his passions. Soon, outdoors news media people such as outdoor writers and television hosts from across America began to use Garry for articles and TV shows. Garry has been featured in almost every Outdoors Magazine in American including the past 16 issues of Crappie World Magazine. Having gotten to know many other well known outdoorsmen in his travels, Garry saw a need for some type of award ceremony for those men and woman who had helped to blaze trails and set guidelines and standards in the outdoors industry in which he and others had devoted so much of their lives to, therefore giving birth to The Legends of the Outdoors National Hall of Fame in 2002.

 Each year a new class of Hall of Fame members are inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors national Hall of Fame with Garry as the Host and Coordinator of the event.

Garry's unselfish contribution to the outdoors industry will be felt and heard all over this great country, He has the unique gift of being able to make others look great and all of the while bringing the whole outdoors industry closer together for a common cause. Awarding the achievements of all who have helped to build an industry.

"Garry Mason is truly a great American"

Ray Scott - Founder, Bass Anglers Sportsman Society

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