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Ralph Kohler

Ralph KohlerRalph Kohler has been a commercial waterfowl guide since he was sixteen years old. Now in his nineties, Ralph still hunts everyday of the Nebraska waterfowl season. He is a true Nebraska treasure and has been referred to by his friends as the Dean of waterfowl hunting.  Ralph has logged over 45000 hours in the field and hosted over 50,000 waterfowl hunters during his career including some of America’s best shooters like the late Herb Parsons, Wade Bourne, and Garry Mason.
 Ralph is a true professional and has kept presise records on waterfowl hunting for over 70 years.  Ralph’s waterfowl career spans from the years when water fowlers could hunt over live decoys to the innovations of many products some of which he along with friend Monte West invented such as the first full body goose decoy which set the stand for today’s full bodied goose decoys. The original K and W (Kohler and West) decoy fetches a huge price today and are rare as only 2500 were made in Ralph’s garage and sold to hunters across America.
Ralph and his wife Dorothy along with their son Max was also the first family of trap shooting having been the only husband wife son team named to the All American trap shooters team in American Trap shooting. Ball room dancing was another of Ralph’s passions until just recently as he and wife Dorothy spent countless hours on the dance floor competing on the national Ball Room dance scene.
Because of his great success, Ralph has inspired many water fowlers both young and old alike with his wit and his knowledge to learn to be the best hunter that they can be.